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Helpful Resources

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izzys native plant logo (1).png
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By Lori A. Spencer

The very best resource we have to identify butterflies, moths and caterpillars along will valuable host plant and habitat information.

by Piet Oudolf

One of our favorite inspirations for natural planting.  Spearheaded by internationally renowned designer Piet Oudolf, and incisively articulated by the late plantsman and designer Henk Gerritsen, it transformed private and public spaces with its emotionally resonant, naturalistic use of hardy perennials and grasses.

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By Piet Oudolf

Another wonderful resource from our favorite natural landscape designer

Monarch Butterfly Care 

download PDFs

Download files for information relating to Monarch Butterfly care and conservation.

Protecting Monarch Butterflies

Bring Home the Butterflies


Cooperative Extension Service

A steadfast resource for all of our garden needs.  Wonderful Arkansas native planting information.

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